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Alakabha Datta

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Lewis Hall
University of Mississippi
Oxford, MS 38677-1848
Phone: (662) 915-5611 (office)
Fax: 662 915-2537


About Myself

I am visiting assistant professor at the university of Mississippi.


I am teaching Phy 212, Phy 213 and Phy 616 in the Fall 2006 at the University of Mississippi.. The course website is
  • Waves and Vibrations

    Research and CV

    Homework and Solutions(2004)

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    Current Research:

    Understand the structure of Quark and Lepton Mixing.

    Study promising sources of CP and T violation in the standard model and beyond.

    Look for beyond the standard model effects at present and future colliders using an efective Lagrangian approach.

    Low energy QCD, in a chiral Lagrangian approach, involving mesons and baryons.

    Study of constituent quark models.

    I have interests in and have worked on SU(5) and SO(10) Grand Unified Theories.

    HEP info:

    Other interests and hobbies:

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