October 2018

Susan Diane Pedigo (University of Mississippi): The versatility of wheat in cooking.

Although evidence shows that wild wheat was harvested prior to the advent of cultivation, its genetic rewiring promoted convenience in harvesting and planting. These seemingly simple changes promoted its meteoric rise in importance as a major food in civilization. The dynamic duo of protein and starch provided critical nutrients to consumers. And, as an extra bonus, a plethora of diverse foods were created that exploit these biomolecules to confer specific attributes. This science café will discuss the history of wheat, its commercial processing, and the chemistry of its use in creating specific foods such as bread, pasta, and sauces. Are you a gluten-free dieter? After this talk you should be able to articulate exactly what gluten is.

October 16, 2018, 6pm - 7pm
Uptown Coffee, 265 North Lamar Blvd, Oxford