January 2018

Randy Wadkins and Nathan I. Hammer (University of Mississippi): Harrowing tales of entropy!

ENTROPY! What is it??  Is it in your refrigerator? Yes! Is it in your automobile? Yes! Is it in your body? Yes! Will it destroy the universe? Yes! Ah, entropy, the mysterious phenomenon that has puzzled scientists since its discovery by Rudolph Clausius in the 1850s. Did it drive Clausius mad? Perhaps. But it led to his development of The Second Law of Thermodynamics, FOR WHICH THERE IS NO ESCAPE! Come and hear “Harrowing Tales of Entropy”, presented by Drs. Randy M. Wadkins and Nathan I. Hammer of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Nearly 200 years of scientists have struggled with this mind-blowing, senses-shattering physical phenomenon. Now, it’s your turn! With pastries! We can promise you one thing from this evening of thrills and sensations: you will never look at a snowflake the same way again!

January 30, 2018, 6pm - 7pm
Lusa Bakery Bistro and Bar, 1120 North Lamar Blvd, Oxford