The University of Mississippi
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Planned Activities


Fall Semester

Weekly Meetings-Thursdays @ 17:00 in Lewis 104

Other activities to be decided

Spring Semester

Weekly Meetings-Thursdays @ 17:00 in Lewis 104

SPS Zone 10 Meeting at the University of Mississippi

Other activities to be decided

Past Activities

Spring 2018

SPS Zone 10 Meeting at the University of Mississippi

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

  • Attended Phys-Con 2016
    We had seven of our members attend Phys-Con this past year. While there, two of our members presented their research during the poster sessions. The two students that presented posters also applied for the travel award and had awarded them. Our department setup a booth to promote the University's graduate physics program.

  • Had a joint star gazing night with University of Memphis
    We hosted the University of Memphis - University of Mississippi joint stargazing night at our Department's Dark Site. The Dark Site is a clearing about 20 miles from our campus in the middle of the woods where there is minimal light pollution. This makes it ideal for stargazing.

  • Perfomed various Physics Demonstrations for the local community

    During both semesters, our chapter was frequently asked to preform physics demonstrations (Demo Shows) to schools around the city and surrounding counties. We organized three major shows during the fall semester. For one of the events elementary school students were invited to the university. We preformed two of these shows on The Grove's stage. The Grove is a large green area where football fans go to tailgating on the weekends and students go to study and throw frisbees. However, on the days we preformed our shows, we took over the stage and taught physics to eager elementary students and several University of Mississippi students that stopped to see what was going on.

    In October, we help our department with the Spooky Physics Night. This is an annual event where the department opens its door to the community and have a Halloween themed demo show. We (SPS) help decorate, preform the demo's, answer children's questions about physics, and clean up.

    In the spring, we had another two days of demo shows. We went to the local elementary school (different from the one above) and preformed 12 demo shows over the course of 2 days. Each show had to be no longer than 40 minutes and we had an average of 30 2nd to 3rd graders in the classroom at any given time

  • Attended the Zone 10 meeting at Henderson State University

  • Participated in the March for Science
    Our final event for the semester was the March for science held on April 22nd. Although other departments participated in the march, this was organized mainly by the physics department with support from the SPS.
  • See the 2016-17 Chapter Report

Spring 2013

SPS Zone 10 Meeting at the University of Mississippi

Spring 2006

SPS Zone 10 Meeting at the University of Mississippi

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