[MICE Detector]

An International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) is an important milestone towards a Neutrino Factory. The neutrino factory is a completely new type of accelerator and offers many new challenges. Probably the largest novelty from the point of view of accelerator physics is ionization cooling. MICE is proposed to carry out at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) near Oxford in the United Kingdom.

The MICE collaboration have designed an experiment in which a section of an ionization cooling channel is exposed to a muon beam. The main goal of the MICE:

[Magnet Lattice]
Magnet Lattice
Single Track
Single Track bar

The University of Mississippi has designed, built, and installed a pair of aerogel Cherenkov counters for MICE at the Rutherford Laboratory. The upstream Cherenkov is problematic in that it must separate muons and pions very well in a momentum range from 200 to 300 MeV/c. Matsushita has produced n=1.07 and n=1.12 aerogel samples for us. These indices are unusually high. They allow a two threshold Cherenkov counter solution. We have tested these new aerogels with 120 GeV/c protons at Fermilab and 100 MeV positrons at MICE.

Aerogel Layout
Aerogel Layout
Cherenkov Top View
Cherenkov Top View
Cherenkov Position
Cherenkov Detectors Location

Press release announcement of UK Funding for MICE