Group Picture 1

The list of participants is below. Most of them, except the photographer (thanks Octavian!) are in the picture at the top of this page. Open the image in a new tab for a higher-resolution version. The picture at the bottom of this page has our official photographer in it, but is missing someone else: spot the difference!

Cody Arceneaux (University of Mississippi)
Emanuele Berti (University of Mississippi)
Peter L. Biermann (University of Alabama)
Luca Bombelli (University of Mississippi)
Yuri Bonder (Indiana University)
Lior Burko (University of Alabama)
Marco Cavaglià (University of Mississippi)
Andrea Chaney (University of Alabama)
Alakabha Datta (University of Mississippi)
Sagnik De (University of Mississippi)
Steve Detweiler (University of Florida, Gainesville)
Peter Diener (Louisiana State University)
William Duhe (Loyola University)
Ryan Everett (Towson University)
Justin C. Feng (University of Texas, Austin)
Stanislav Fisenko (Rusthermosyntesis, Moscow, Russia)
Pierre Fromholz (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France)
Caixia Sky Gao (University of Mississippi)
Alexey Golovanov (M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)
Edward Green (North Georgia College & State University)
Brajesh Gupt (Louisiana State University)
Benjamin Harms (University of Alabama)
Michael Horbatsch (University of Mississippi)
Anton Joe (Louisiana State University)
Sergei Kopeikin (University of Missouri, Columbia)
Lei Lu (University of Alabama)
Miguel Megevand (Louisiana State University)
Octavian Micu (Institute for Space Sciences, Bucharest, Romania)
Warner Miller (Florida Atlantic University)
Saeed Mirshekari (Washington University in St. Louis/University of Florida, Gainesville)
Hector Okada da Silva (University of Mississippi)
Steve Roberts (Oak Ridge Associated Universities)
Rustem Rymkulov (Rusthermosyntesis, Moscow, Russia)
Laleh Sadeghian (Washington University in Saint Louis/University of Florida, Gainesville)
V. H. Satheeshkumar (Baylor University)
Ajay Sharma (Fundamental Physics Society, India)
Parampreet Singh (Louisiana State University)
Ulrich Sperhake (DAMTP, Cambridge)
Al Stern (University of Alabama)
Jonathan Thompson (University of Florida, Gainesville)
Tibor Torma (University of Mississippi)
Zoey Warecki (Towson University)
Linqing Wen (University of Western Australia)
Gary D. White (National Science Foundation)
Shawn Wilder (Florida Atlantic University)
Clifford Will (University of Florida, Gainesville)
Zhongyang Zhang (University of Mississippi)

Group Picture 2