Here is the preliminary conference program (in pdf) as of 4/10/2013.

Notice that the conference will take place at the Student Union Ballroom (Room 421), not in the Physics Department. To find the location of the Union, look for “Ole Miss Union” on the campus map available here. It’s the large brown building next to The Circle.

The conference talks are available via the links provided below.

Hearty congratulations to Laleh Sadeghian, who won the Blue Apple Award for the best student talk!

Friday, April 19

Emanuele Berti (University of Mississippi)
Spin alignment as a diagnostic of black-hole binary formation

Saeed Mirshekari (University of Florida)
Compact Binary Systems in Scalar-Tensor Gravity: Equations of Motion to 2.5 Post-Newtonian Order

Michael Horbatsch (University of Mississippi)
Gravitational Radiation in Massive Scalar-Tensor Gravity

Sergei M. Kopeikin (University of Missouri, Columbia)
Equations of Motion in an Expanding Universe

Clifford M. Will (University of Florida)
The Schwarzschild Metric: It’s the Coordinates, Stupid!

Ulrich Sperhake (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK)
Universality and wave absorption in high-energy collisions of spinning black holes

Miguel Megevand (Louisiana State University)
Scalar wigs and galactic dark matter halos
Movie 1/Movie 2

Shawn Wilder (Florida Atlantic University)
Stability of approximate Killing fields and black hole spin

Edward L. Green (North Georgia College & State University)
Theory of General Conservation: Spherically Symmetric Solutions

Peter L. Biermann [with Benjamin C. Harms] (University of Alabama)
Testing a quantitative model for dark energy

Al Stern (University of Alabama)
Possible Evidence of Thermodynamic Activity in Dark Matter Haloes

Laleh Sadeghian (University of Florida)
Dark matter distributions around massive black holes: A fully general relativistic approach

William Duhe (Loyola University)
A comprehensive investigation of a multiple big bang scenario

Shaoqi Hou (University of Alabama)
Searching for Microscopic Black Holes at the LHC

Caixia Sky Gao (University of Mississippi)
Non-singular spherical symmetric solution in extended massive gravity

Anton Joe (Louisiana State University)
Characteristics of Kantowski-Sachs space-time in effective theory of Loop Quantum Cosmology

Brajesh Gupt (Louisiana State University)
Quantum gravitational Kasner transitions in Bianchi-I spacetime

Saturday, April 20

Marco Cavaglia (University of Mississippi)
On the road to Advanced LIGO

Linqing Wen (University of Western Australia)
Low Latency Search for Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescences

Yuri Bonder (Indiana University)
Lorentz violations and gravity: The Newtonian limit

Ryan Everett (Towson University)
Gravity Probe B constraints on higher-dimensional extensions of general relativity

Zoey Warecki (Towson University)
Planets and Moons as Probes of Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Justin C. Feng (University of Texas, Austin)
Rigid Surfaces in General Relativity

Steven Detweiler (University of Florida)
Introduction to Self-force calculations (whiteboard talk)

Jonathan Thompson (University of Florida)
Second Order Self-force Calculations

Peter Diener (Louisiana State University)
Self-consistent Evolution of a Scalar Point Charge Around a Schwarzschild Black Hole

V H Satheeshkumar (Baylor University)
Theoretical Limits on the (Non-)Existence of Lorentz Frame Near Black Hole Singularity

Gary White (National Science Foundation)
Spandex models for gravity wells: folklore, facts, and fun

Luca Bombelli (University of Mississippi)
Lorentzian manifolds and causal sets as partially ordered measure spaces

Parampreet Singh (Louisiana State University)
A quantum gravitational inflationary scenario in Bianchi-I spacetime

Sergio Fabi (University of Alabama)
The theory of gravity on a Lie Algebroid

Benjamin C. Harms (University of Alabama)
Time Jitter Due to Gravitational Solitons

Octavian Micu (Institute of Space Science, Bucharest, Romania)
Possible searches for the non-thermal micro black holes back-to-back decay signature

Stanislav Fisenko (Rusthermosyntesis)
Gravitational radiation of the relativistic theory of gravitation

Alexey Golovanov (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)
New Relativity