The University of Mississippi
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Teaching Assistants — Fall 2014

Undergraduate Labs:


Astronomy 103: Astronomy I
Sec   1: Mir Emad Aghili
Sec   2: Mir Emad Aghili
Sec   3: Tiffany Claire
Sec   4: Tiffany Claire
Sec   5: Preet Sharma
Sec   6: Preet Sharma
Sec   7: John Rock
Sec   8: Mir Emad Aghili
Sec   9: Matthew Possehl
Sec 10: Preet Sharma
Sec 11: Jim Reidy
Sec 12: Jim Reidy

Astronomy 104: Astronomy II
Sec 1: Saminda Adikaram
Sec 2: Saminda Adikaram
Sec 3: Saminda Adikaram
Sec 4: (Honors): Cody Arceneaux


Physics 107: Physical Science I
Sec 1: Chad Roberson
Sec 2: Danny Bayless
Sec 3: Chad Roberson
Sec 4: Harlee Harrison
Sec 5: Harlee Harrison
Sec 6: Danny Bayless
Sec 7: Trey Lyons
Sec 8: Trey Lyons
Sec 9: Chandrima Chatterjee

Physics 221: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering I
Sec 1: Sandra Oliveros
Sec 2: John Acosta
Sec 3: John Acosta
Sec 4: Sudeep Adhikar
Sec 5: Sudeep Adhikar
Sec 6: Sandra Oliveros
Sec 7: Sunethra Dayavansha
Sec 8: Sunethra Dayavansha
Sec 9: Khagendra Adhikari

Physics 222: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering II
Sec 1: Hector Okada
Sec 2: Hector Okada
Sec 3: Thomas Jamerson
Sec 4: Thomas Jamerson

Physics 223: Laboratory Physics I
Sec   1: Lian Chen
Sec   2: Wanwei Wu
Sec   3: Robert Migliori
Sec   4: Robert Migliori
Sec   5: Ukesh Koju
Sec   6: Ukesh Koju
Sec   7: Michael Jeandon
Sec   8: Michael Jeandon
Sec   9: Ola Nusierat
Sec 10: Ola Nusierat
Sec 11: Wanwei Wu
Sec 12: Adnan Kabir
Sec 13: JohnPaul Abbott
Sec 14: JohnPaul Abbott
Sec 15: Asami Nishikawa
Sec 16: Asami Nishikawa
Sec 17: Lian Chen

Physics 319: Optics
Sec 1: Shanmuka Shivashankara

Teaching Assistant's Photos

Picture of John Acosta
John Acosta
Picture of Sudeep Adhikar
Sudeep Adhikar
Picture of Khagendra Adhikari
Khagendra Adhikari
Picture of Saminda Adikaram
Saminda Adikaram
Picture of Mir Emad Aghili
Mir Emad Aghili
Picture of Cody Arceneaux
Cody Arceneaux
Picture of Danny Bayless
Danny Bayless
Picture of Chandrima Chatterjee
Chandrima Chatterjee
Picture of Liang Chen
Liang Chen
Picture of Tiffany Claire
Tiffany Claire
Picture of Sunethra Dayavansha
Sunethra Dayavansha
Picture of Sagnik De
Sagnik De
Picture of Harlee Harrison
Harlee Harrison
Picture of Thomas Jamerson
Thomas Jamerson
Picture of Michael Jeandron
Michael Jeandron
Picture of Ukesh Koju
Ukesh Koju
Picture of Trey Lyons
Trey Lyons
Picture of Robert Migliori
Robert Migliori
Picture of Asami Nishikawa
Asami Nishikawa
Picture of Ola Nusierat
Ola Nusierat
Picture of Vahid Naderyan
Vahid Naderyan
Picture of Hector Okada
Hector Okada
Picture of Sandra Oliveros
Sandra Oliveros
Picture of Matthew Possehl
Matthew Possehl
Picture of Jim Reidy Jr.
Jim Reidy Jr.
Picture of Chad Roberson
Chad Roberson
Picture of John Rock
John Rock
Picture of Preet Sharma
Preet Sharma
Picture of Shanmuka Shivashankara
Shanmuka Shivashankara
Picture of Wanwei Wu
Wanwei Wu

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