The University of Mississippi
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Teaching Assistants — Spring 2024

Undergraduate Labs:


Astronomy 103: Intro Astronomy of the Solar System
Sec 1: Murvis McCollum
Sec 2: Murvis McCollum
Sec 3: Samuel Rodriguez
Sec 4: Murvis McCollum
Sec 5: Cody McCammon
Sec 6: Cody McCammon
Sec 7: Kaitlyn Thurmond
Sec 8: Cody McCammon

Astronomy 104: Intro Astronomy of Stars and Galaxies
Sec 1: Nauman Ahmed
Sec 2: Nauman Ahmed
Sec 3: Arindam Sharma
Sec 4: Nick Moulton
Sec 5: Coleman Irby
Sec 6: Coleman Irby
Sec 7: Ahmed Ishraque
Sec 8 (Honors): Nauman Ahmed and Azwad Adnan


Physics 108: Physical Science II
Sec   1: Alex Denette
Sec   2: Alex Denette
Sec   3: Wil Stacy
Sec   4: Alex Denette
Sec   5: Wil Stacy
Sec   6: Alex Denette
Sec   7: Wil Stacy
Sec   8: Alex Denette

Physics 221: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering I
Sec 1: Milan Rai
Sec 2: Kumar Pandey
Sec 3: Milan Rai
Sec 4: Janaka Kospalage
Sec 5: Kumar Pandey

Physics 222: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering II
Sec   1: Akshay Khadse
Sec   2: Akshay Khadse
Sec   3: Joshua Moore
Sec   4: Kovida Goonathilake
Sec   5: Kovida Goonathilake
Sec   7: Dipika Barman
Sec   8: Joshua Moore
Sec   9: Dipika Barman

Physics 223: Laboratory Physics I
Sec   1: Bishnu Acharya
Sec   2: Bishnu Acharya
Sec   3: Zhengwu Wang
Sec   4: Zhengwu Wang

Physics 224: Laboratory Physics II
Sec   1: Farhana Sonia
Sec   2: Farhana Sonia
Sec   3: Eli King
Sec   4: Sina Rostami
Sec   5: Eli King
Sec   6: Raisa Saleh
Sec   7: Raisa Saleh
Sec   8: Ehsan Farooq
Sec   9: Sina Rostami
Sec 10: Guoqin Liu
Sec 11: Ehsan Farooq
Sec 12: Utsab Acharya
Sec 13: Utsab Acharya

Teaching Assistant's Photos

Picture of Bishnu Acharya
Bishnu Acharya
Picture of Utsab Acharya
Utsab Acharya
Picture of Azwad Adnan
Azwad Adnan
Picture of Nauman Ahmed
Nauman Ahmed
Picture of Dipika Barman
Dipika Barman
Picture of Alex Denette
Alex Denette
Picture of Ehsan Farooq
Ehsan Farooq
Picture of Kovida Goonathilake
Kovida Goonathilake
Picture of Coleman Irby
Coleman Irby
Picture of Ahmed Ishraque
Ahmed Ishraque
Picture of Eli  King
Eli King
Picture of Janaka Kospalage
Janaka Kospalage
Picture of Guoqin Liu
Guoqin Liu
Picture of Cody McCammon
Cody McCammon
Picture of Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore
Picture of Nick Moulton
Nick Moulton
Picture of Kumar Pandey
Kumar Pandey
Picture of Milan Rai
Milan Rai
Picture of Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez
Picture of Sina Rostami
Sina Rostami
Picture of Raisa Saleh
Raisa Saleh
Picture of Arindam Sharma
Arindam Sharma
Picture of Farhana Sonia
Farhana Sonia
Picture of Wil Stacy
Wil Stacy
Picture of Kaitlyn Thurmond
Kaitlyn Thurmond
    Picture of Zhengwu Wang
Zhengwu Wang

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