The University of Mississippi
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Teaching Assistants — Spring 2018

Undergraduate Labs:


Astronomy 103: Astronomy I
Sec 1: Heath Wooten
Sec 2: Shadi Alhihi
Sec 3: Mukunda Acharya
Sec 4: Mukunda Acharya
Sec 5: Charley Sabatier
Sec 6: Kentaro Mogushi
Sec 7: Mukunda Acharya
Sec 8: Kurpakus Keegan

Astronomy 104: Astronomy II
Sec 1: Dripta Bhattacharjee
Sec 2: Dripta Bhattacharjee
Sec 3: Dripta Bhattacharjee
Sec 4: Sumeet Kulkarni
Sec 5: Tiffany Claire
Sec 6: Tiffany Claire
Sec 7: Tiffany Claire
Sec 8 (Honors): Tiffany Claire + Shadi Alhihi


Physics 108: Physical Science II
Sec  1: Amee Hickey
Sec  2: Michael Magyar
Sec  3: Daniel Pompa
Sec  4: Jonathan Pittman
Sec  5: Chris Coffelt
Sec  6: Daniel Pompa
Sec  7: Carolton Tippitt
Sec  8: Carolton Tippitt
Sec  9: Justin Ryan
Sec 10: Thomas Jamerson
Sec 11: Jonathan Pittman

Physics 221: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering II
Sec 1: Lucretius Coleman
Sec 2: Ashoka Tholangamuwe
Sec 3: John Waite
Sec 3: John Waite
Sec 5: Lucretius Coleman

Physics 222: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering I
Sec 1: Tran Huu Do
Sec 2: Tran Huu Do
Sec 3: Thomas Jamerson
Sec 4: Xudong Fan
Sec 5: Sashwat Tanay
Sec 6: Sashwat Tanay
Sec 7: Akshay Khadse
Sec 8: Sudeep Adhikari(II)
Sec 9: He Liu
Sec 10: Sudeep Adhikari(II)

Physics 223: Laboratory Physics I
Sec   1:
Sec   2: John Rock
Sec   3: Dan Miller
Sec   4: Dan Miller
Sec   5: Benjamin Pilgrim
Sec   6: Cheng Chen
Sec   7: Cheng Chen
Sec   8: Michael Jeandon
Sec   9: Michael Jeandon
Sec 10: John Rock
Sec 11: Saroj Pokharel
Sec 12:
Sec 13: John Phillips

Physics 224: Laboratory Physics II
Sec   1: Benjamin Pilgrim
Sec   2: Anil Panta
Sec   3: Anil Panta
Sec   4: Joe Rivest
Sec   5: Joe Rivest

Physics 503: Introduction to Scientific Computing
Sec 1: Khagendra Adhikari

Teaching Assistant's Photos

Picture of Mukunda Acharya
Mukunda Acharya
Picture of Khagendra Adhikari
Khagendra Adhikari
Picture of Sudeep Adhikari
Sudeep Adhikari
Picture of Shadi Alhihi
Shadi Alhihi
Picture of Dripta Bhattacharjee
Dripta Bhattacharjee
Picture of Cheng Chen
Cheng Chen
Picture of Tiffany Claire
Tiffany Claire
Picture of Chris Coffelt
Chris Coffelt
Picture of Lucretius Coleman
Lucretius Coleman
Picture of Tran Huu Do
Tran Huu Do
Picture of Xudong Fan
Xudong Fan
Picture of Amee Hickey
Amee Hickey
Picture of Thomas Jamerson
Thomas Jamerson
Picture of Michael Jeandron
Michael Jeandron
Picture of Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse
Picture of Sumeet Kulkarni
Sumeet Kulkarni
Picture of Keegan Kurpakus
Keegan Kurpakus
Picture of He Liu
He Liu
Picture of Michael Magyar
Michael Magyar
Picture of Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller
Picture of Kentaro Mogushi
Kentaro Mogushi
Picture of Anil Panta
Anil Panta
Picture of John Phillips
John Phillips
Picture of Benjamin Pilgrim
Benjamin Pilgrim
Picture of Jonathan Pittman
Jonathan Pittman
Picture of Saroj Pokharel
Saroj Pokharel
Picture of Daniel Pompa
Daniel Pompa
Picture of Joe Rivest
Joe Rivest
Picture of John Rock
John Rock
Picture of Justin Ryan
Justin Ryan
Picture of Charley Sabatier
Charley Sabatier
Picture of Sashwat Tanay
Sashwat Tanay
Picture of Ashoka Tholangamuwe
Ashoka Tholangamuwe
Picture of Carolton Tippitt
Carolton Tippitt
Picture of John Waite
John Waite
Picture of Heath Wooten
Heath Wooten

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