The University of Mississippi
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Teaching Assistants — Spring 2022

Undergraduate Labs:


Astronomy 103: Astronomy I
Sec 1: Aniket Khairnar
Sec 2: Aniket Khairnar
Sec 3: Nauman Ahmed
Sec 4: Nauman Ahmed
Sec 5: Carley Middleton
Sec 6: Carley Middleton
Sec 7: Carley Middleton
Sec 8: Stephen Steenwyk

Astronomy 104: Astronomy II
Sec 1: Nauman Ahmed
Sec 2: Stephen Steenwyk
Sec 3: Shaheed Nazrul
Sec 4: Shaheed Nazrul
Sec 5: Shaheed Nazrul
Sec 6: Stephen Steenwyk
Sec 7: Aniket Khairnar
Sec 8 (Honors): Sumeet Kulkarni


Physics 108: Conceptual Physics II
Sec   5: Mason Smith
Sec   6: Mason Smith
Sec   7: Mason Smith

Physics 221: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering II
Sec 1: Lucretius Coleman
Sec 2: Lucretius Coleman
Sec 3: Quinn Campagna
Sec 3: Purnima Narayan
Sec 5:

Physics 222: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering I
Sec 1: Quinn Campagna
Sec 2: Madiligama Abeykoon
Sec 3: Madiligama Abeykoon
Sec 4: Purnima Narayan
Sec 5: Sina Rostami
Sec 7: Saeed Kamali
Sec 8: Sina Rostami
Sec 9: Saeed Kamali

Physics 223: Laboratory Physics I
Sec   1: Joe Rivest
Sec   2: Bishnu Acharya
Sec   3: Bishnu Acharya
Sec   4: Joe Rivest

Physics 224: Laboratory Physics II
Sec   2: Baisakhi Mitra
Sec   3: Dan Miller
Sec   4: Andrew Dye
Sec   5: Dan Miller
Sec   6: Byungchul Yu
Sec   7: Guoqin Liu
Sec   8: Guoqin Liu
Sec   9: Andrew Dye
Sec 10: Baisakhi Mitra
Sec 11: Byungchul Yu
Sec 12: Devesh Bhattarai
Sec 13: Devesh Bhattarai

Teaching Assistant's Photos

Picture of Madiligama Abeykoon
Madiligama Abeykoon
Picture of Bishnu Acharya
Bishnu Acharya
Picture of Nauman Ahmed
Nauman Ahmed
Picture of Devesh Bhattarai
Devesh Bhattarai
Picture of Quinn Campagna
Quinn Campagna
Picture of Lucretius Coleman
Lucretius Coleman
Picture of Andrew Dye
Andrew Dye
Picture of Aniket Khairnar
Saeed Kamali
Picture of Aniket Khairnar
Aniket Khairnar
Picture of Sumeet Kulkarni
Sumeet Kulkarni
Picture of Guoqin Liu
Guoqin Liu
Picture of Carley Middleton
Carley Middleton
Picture of Baisakhi Mitra
Baisakhi Mitra
Picture of Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller
Picture of Purnima Narayan
Purnima Narayan
Picture of Shaheed Nazrul
Shaheed Nazrul
Picture of Joe Rivest
Joe Rivest
Picture of Sina Rostami
Sina Rostami
Picture of Mason Smith
Mason Smith
Picture of Stephen Steenwyk
Stephen Steenwyk
  Picture of Sashwat Tanay
Sashwat Tanay
Picture of Byungchul Yu
Byungchul Yu

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