The University of Mississippi
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Teaching Assistants — Spring 2015

Undergraduate Labs:


Astronomy 103: Astronomy I
Sec 1: Nazanin Omidi
Sec 2: Nazanin Omidi
Sec 3: Nazanin Omidi
Sec 4: Cody Arceneaux

Astronomy 104: Astronomy II
Sec   1: Matthew Possehl
Sec   2: Matthew Possehl
Sec   3: Matthew Possehl
Sec   4 (Honors): Tiffany Claire
Sec   5: Jim Reidy
Sec   6: Jim Reidy
Sec   7: Mohsen Rezaeizadeh
Sec   8: Mohsen Rezaeizadeh
Sec   9: Tiffany Claire
Sec 10: Tiffany Claire
Sec 11: Mir Emad Aghili
Sec 12: Mir Emad Aghili


Physics 108: Physical Science II
Sec 1: Trey Lyons
Sec 2: Trey Lyons
Sec 3: Chad Roberson
Sec 4: Chad Roberson
Sec 5: Danny Bayless
Sec 6: Danny Bayless
Sec 7: Danny Bayless
Sec 8: Danny Bayless
Sec 9: Taylor Miller

Physics 221: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering I
Sec 1: Sunethra Dayavansha
Sec 2: Sunethra Dayavansha
Sec 3: Lucretius Coleman
Sec 4: Lucretius Coleman

Physics 222: Laboratory Physics for Science and Engineering II
Sec 1: Khagendra Adhikari
Sec 2: Saeed Kamali
Sec 3: Sudeep Adhikar
Sec 4: Saeed Kamali
Sec 5: Mohammadhassan Haghighifard
Sec 6: Sampath Bandara
Sec 7: Khagendra Adhikari
Sec 8: Sampath Bandara
Sec 9: Mohammadhassan Haghighifard

Physics 223: Laboratory Physics I
Sec 1: Nilmini Karunarathne
Sec 2: Benjamin Pilgrim
Sec 3: Benjamin Pilgrim
Sec 4: Ukesh Koju
Sec 5: Ukesh Koju

Physics 224: Laboratory Physics II
Sec   1: Ray Siedlecki
Sec   2: Nilmini Karunarathne
Sec   3: Michael Jeandon
Sec   4: Michael Jeandon
Sec   5: Asami Nishikawa
Sec   6: Asami Nishikawa
Sec   7: Shrobana Ghosh
Sec   8: Shrobana Ghosh
Sec   9: Ray Siedlecki
Sec 10: Chandrima Chatterjee
Sec  11: Chandrima Chatterjee
Sec 12: Zhe Kan
Sec 13: Zhe Kan

Teaching Assistant's Photos

Picture of Sudeep Adhikar
Sudeep Adhikar
Picture of Khagendra Adhikari
Khagendra Adhikari
Picture of Mir Emad Aghili
Mir Emad Aghili
Picture of Cody Arceneaux
Cody Arceneaux
Picture of Sampath Bandara
Sampath Bandara
Picture of Danny Bayless
Danny Bayless
Picture of Chandrima Chatterjee
Chandrima Chatterjee
Picture of Tiffany Claire
Tiffany Claire
Picture of Lucretius Coleman
Lucretius Coleman
Picture of Sunethra Dayavansha
Sunethra Dayavansha
Picture of Shrobana Ghosh
Shrobana Ghosh
Picture of Mohammadhassan Haghighifard
Mohammadhassan Haghighifard
Picture of Michael Jeandron
Michael Jeandron
Picture of Zhe Kan
Zhe Kan
Picture of Saeed Kamali
Saeed Kamali
Picture of Nilmini Karunarathne
Nilmini Karunarathne
Picture of Ukesh Koju
Ukesh Koju
Picture of Trey Lyons
Trey Lyons
Picture of Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller
Picture of Asami Nishikawa
Asami Nishikawa
Picture of Benjamin Pilgrim
Benjamin Pilgrim
Picture of Matthew Possehl
Matthew Possehl
Picture of Jim Reidy Jr.
Jim Reidy Jr.
Picture of Mohsen Rezaeizadeh
Mohsen Rezaeizadeh
Picture of Chad Roberson
Chad Roberson
Picture of Ray Siedlecki
Ray Siedlecki

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