NGC 2392: The Eskimo Nebula

The Eskimo (also called "Clown Face") Nebula is a tiny but colorful planetary nebula; a dying star that is spreading its atmoshere into space.


Images taken: Feb. 21, 2015, by J. Paul, R. Singh.

Telescope: CDK 17 inch telescope, RGB filters.

Camera: SBIG ST-10 CCD

Look at all the fine detail inside the nebula!

Images taken: Feb. 21, 2007, by Katelyn Wear, Cooper Reves.

Telescope: Meade 12 in with f/5.7 focal reducer (f=68in).

Camera: SBIG ST-10 CCD 

Exposures: 5 min (red), 5 min (green), 10 min (blue).

Image processing: CCDoops + CCDsoft + CCDSharp + Photoshop CS.