The Black Eye Galaxy (M64) in Coma Berenices

Images taken: April 18, 2007, by Jennifer Rose Adams and Mary Katherine Rebentisch.

Telescope: Meade 12 in with f/5.7 focal reducer (f=68in).

Camera: SBIG ST-10 CCD

Exposures: 2x15 min in red, 2x15 green, and 3x15 blue (1.75 hours total).

Image processing: CCDoops, CCDsoft, CCDSharp + Photoshop CS.

The Black Eye Galaxy is the result of the merger of two galaxies, which rotate in opposite direction. The inner one has much dark dust, in which new stars are being formed now. The outer one comes with the spiral arms, but it not colorful, having few very massive blue stars and little interstellar gas to glow in red.