The Pinwheel Galaxy - M33

Images taken: Sept. 10 - Nov. 2, 2023, by Sydni Nguyen, Annisten Thomas.

Telescope: CDK 17 in.

Camera: SBIG ST-10 CCD.

Exposures: 1 hour in each of  red, green, blue,  H-alpha.

Size of the image: 30 am x 20 am.

Images taken: Nov. 7-8, 2010, by A. Kitson, M. Majors, N. Tatum, Sh. Jainashkar.

Telescope: Meade 12 in with f/5.6 focal reducer (f=67in).

Camera: SBIG ST-10 CCD

Exposures: 2x20 min red, 2x20 min green, 2x20 min blue, 2x20 min H-alpha, 1x30 min OIII.

Size of the image: 29 am x 19 am.